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Lim Yu Lee Steven [Singapore]
NAME: My name is Lim Yu Lee Steven from Singapore.
AGE: 45 (2009)
ARRESTED: May 1, 2001
PRISON LOCATION: Bangkwang Central Prison
117 Nonthanburi Road
Nonthanburi 11000, Thailand

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SENTENCE: Sentenced to life. Drug Transportation and Importing. 3.5kg of Heroin.
CONTACT ME: Lim Yu Lee Steven
Bangkwang Central Prison
Building # 6
117 Nonthanburi Road
Nonthanburi 11000,

I was married but now divorced. I can read and write Chinese and English but I am only normal standard as I stopped school when I was only 14 year old. I have been in prison for eight years (as at 2009).

I had my own business doing laundry and photo development with gift and stationary shop. Due to the economic crisis in 2001 my small shop couldn't take the flow and was in debt. A friend of mine introduced me to bring some 'stuff' to Europe for a sum of money. I thought that I would do this to solve my business problems. I came to Thailand knowing that the 'stuff' my friend asked me to carry was heroin. They packed the drug and tied it to my body. Eight packets with the weight of 3.5 kg. I was told that I could pass through the airport without detection. My mission was to bring the heroin to Australia.

In the Thai airport I passed the first two customs without anyone knowing that the heroin was on my body. But I was caught at the third custom area because the officer noticed my body was bulky. The airport police charged me to court and I was sentenced to life imprisonment for transporting and importing drug into the Kingdom of Thailand.

When I first came to the Thai prison I could not speak Thai. It was frightening for me. I didn't know what to do. It was my first time in trouble with the police and my last time too. My family was very angry with me. My brother said I was stupid and greedy. He was right but I cannot do anything to change my situation now.

I was thinking of giving up my life as there is nothing more for me to look for or hang on to. The future is like very far away from me and seem to me that I can't reach it. The sentence in here is also very scary that one does not know when he can receive his freedom again. I have become a Christian and gave my heart to Jesus in October 20, 2003. Now I pray to Jesus to help me through this darkness. I sincerely hope that someone will write to me. It is very lonely here.

VISITING DAYS: If you are coming to Thailand and want to visit me please write to me in advance so I can arrange it. Or you can come to the prison and ask the guards to help you visit me. v

Visiting days are only on Monday and Wednesday between 9:30am and 11:30am and in the afternoon between 1:30pm and 2:30pm.
LETTER WRITING: Please write to me if you have free time.
    Lim Yu Lee Steven
    Bangkwang Central Prison
    Building # 6
    117 Nonthanburi Road
    Nonthanburi 11000, Thailand
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FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Most foreign prisoners maintain a small bank account to purchase food, cooking supplies, writing materials, clothes etc. from the prison store

While the prison does supply a minimal diet, many prisoners prefer to supplement their diet with store purchases and gifts from friends and visitors [those who have them]. Without support for food and money, the prisoner is in a really difficult position.

A minimum equivalent of USD$30 per month is needed to sustain a prisoner in Bangkwang. Most do not have anywhere near this amount. Lew Yoon Sin is one of these prisoners.

Never send money or cash in the mail. All mail must first be checked by the guards and THEN given to the prisoner. It is against the law to send money through the mail and if found, it will be confiscated by police and/or prison authorities. It is best to send your letters by registered mail.

Money may be added to the prisoner's bank account through a variety of methods :

DIRECT DEPOSIT with an INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER. You should prepare an International Money Order carefully. Making sure the details are clearly written and correct. Include the prisoner's name, prison address and building number. Make sure you write down the number of the building on your money order otherwise your prisoner won't get the funds. Bangkwang Prison is a very big place. A prison agent will make the deposit for you into the prisoner's prison account. Mail your money order directly to Lew Yoon Sin.

Money paid by Visitors:
    Visitors may make direct deposits at the prison's main office. Upon arrival to the prison, tell the guards you want to deposit money. You will be directed to the Bank. You can make your deposit(s) while waiting to visit your friend.

    Missionaries will receive your travelers checks and make deposits to the correct account. But check with the prisoner first because not all people posing as missionaries are truly good Samaritans.

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