Si Yi Chen Campaign Information
Name: Si Ye Chen

Born: 19 March 1985 Guangzhou, China

Nationality: Australian-Chinese

Sentence: Life Sentence given 15 February 2006 Reduced on appeal to 20 years on 27 Apr 06 Upgraded to death penalty on 6 Sep 06

Offence: Arrested at the Melasti Bungalows on Bali's Kuta Beach in a room with a suitcase containing 350 grams of heroin that had been linked, through forensic testing, to the 8.2 kg of heroin found on fellow Australians also arrested [so named the Bali 9].

Case update: Commuted to Life sentence

Letters and care packages can be sent:

    LPM Kerobokan
    Si Yi Chen [Australian]
    Jl. Tangkuban Perahu
    Kerobokan, Denpasar 80117
About Si Ye Chen

I graduated in year 12 of my high school. I like reading, philosophy, playing basketball and soccer which I played for the Australian Chinese Soccer Association. My dad is a Chinese Herbalist and my mother is a housewife. I am their only son and I miss them. I worry about their health issues because they both are not in the best of health. I hope their bodies are still good when I am free.

When I was younger I wished to become a doctor like my father. Now I am not sure what will happen.

My hero in my childhood was Guan Yu, the character in Romance of Three Kingdom. [This is the most popular novel in Asia. Written 600 years ago, it tells the epic of Han Dynasty in China during the 2nd and 3rd century.]

Everyone has a different story of their life. Some are understandable and some aren't. I want to write about my relationship with my parents, try to thank them for what they are doing and how they are supporting me and giving me spiritual support. For me it doesn't matter what other people say about me because I am not what they talked about. I believe that no matter what happens, God always comes first. I am a Christian. After God is family. When you are in trouble then only family will help you and support you all the way. I pray God will give me the chance to live and pay back my family for their suffering.

If I could have the chance, I would like to open a coffee shop which I would name after my ex-girlfriend. Maybe I would like to open a restaurant to combine Chinese and Western style food. Then I hope I could bring people happiness while they are eating. I miss my family, going out for dinner and friends. I wish my family could see me more but they can only visit once a year.

I share my cell with an Australian and a Japanese person. It's comfortable enough for the three of us but it is dirty. We have a cell with a squat type toilet and we shower with buckets but the water is dirty. We have no real showers in here. I sleep on the floor. Every day is almost the same. I am mainly reading, doing some sport and then sleeping. There is not much to do in here.

I'm grateful for the caring support of family and friends and would welcome people who want to write to me. I will of course write back because I know people do care about me. If people want to send me money for food then they can send me on Western Union because my father made a friend here and he is willing to help me get the money. This is the way things work in Bali. If you do not have anyone then it is very difficult. If anyone needs to know more they can contact Kay Danes and the Foreign Prisoner Support Service and they will advise how to help me. I would like to thank the Australian Embassy for their support. They are caring about us a lot, but in here, they can not really do anything. I don't know what's going to happen to me. I can only wait and pray.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has thought about me and what I am going through.

Si Yi Chen

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