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Susan Dalziel
Susan Dalziel, a former Australian School Teacher lived in Kenya and was travelling to Mauritius in November 2005 when she was arrested. Authorities found 3.5kg of heroin in a hidden compartment of her luggage when she arrived on a flight from Nairobi.
Susan is not a heroin addict and has no prior convictions. She pleaded not guilty in the court but since her lawyers could not prove otherwise, she was detained and convicted on the basis that drugs were 'found' in her baggage.

Susan received a 28-year sentence in December 2007. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) attended the court hearing and continue to provide consular services.

Susan will be 80 years of age on release (June 2024) if she survives her ordeal.

Officials in Mauritius have zero intolerance to drug trafficking since they are battling continuously with an out of control drug epidemic, and reviewing every individual case is an impossible task. Drugs have severe consequences on their community in terms of escalating crime and HIV infection. This means that foreign travelers need to take on extra care and responsibility for their own welfare.

The Government of Mauritius is willing to transfer Susan to an Australia correctional facility to serve out the remainder of her sentence, but without a sentence reduction. Her lawyers are considering other options available to her, including an appeal for Clemency. Susan is currently in good health and is doing her best to remain positive.

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Write to Susan

Detainee Susan DALZIEL
Women's Section
Central Prisons
Beau Bassin
Republic of Mauritius

Or Senior Administrative Officer and Consul
Australian High Commission
Port Louis
2nd Floor, Rogers House
5 President John Kennedy Street
Port Louis, Mauritius
Tel: +(230) 202 0171
Care packages

Please DO NOT send any care packages to the prison. These would not be delivered to Susan. Should you wish to provide any support to Susan then you should contact the Australian Consulate for further instruction.

Legal Advice

Susan is being properly represented by lawyers both in Mauritius and Australia. Anyone wishing to contact the lawyers may address their enquiry via the Embassy. All media contact should be directed to the Embassy. 

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