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Myo Tun Burma [MYANMAR]
NAME: My name is Myo Tun Burma and I am from Myanmar [Burma].
AGE: 24 (2002)
ORIGIN: Myanmar [Burma]
PRISON LOCATION: Bangkwang Central Prison
117 Nonthanburi Road
Nonthanburi 11000, Thailand

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SENTENCE: Sentenced to Life. Reduced 30 years for pleading guilty. Remaining sentence: 51 years. [To be released from Thai Prison - 2053.] Possession of 10,000 amphetamines tablets.
CONTACT ME: Myo Tun Burma
Bangkwang Central Prison
Building # 4
117 Nonthanburi Road
Nonthanburi 11000,
In 2002 I was living with my Thai girlfriend. Life was good but I got myself into a situation where I wanted some money for getting married because my girlfriend was pregnant. I did not have any means to support her and I felt that at that time my only option was to do what was asked of me. I would be paid 50,000 thai baht for carry amphetamine pills and give to another. I was 24 years old and old enough to know better but I managed to convince myself that by doing this 'one easy job' all of my problems would be solved.

As I gave the pills to a man, I was arrested. In the court I pleaded guilty and I was handed a life sentence but because I pleaded guilty, it was cut to 30 years.

I took the wrong path in life and here I am serving a 51 year sentence. Take it from me, there is not such a thing as a 'easy job'.

I was in prison after six months, my girlfriend gave birth to our child and after one month she visited me with my lovely daughter That was the worst moment of my life. I could not help them anything. My dreams were dead and my life hopeless. When she heard my sentence, she was very depressed and sent the baby to her mother's home in a village. My girlfriend also married with another man and I cannot see my daughter since that time.

I am very sorry for everything. Sometimes my life seems to have already formed depression, that I feel I don't want to do anything. I am very unhappy.

I want to hear a few positive things for my future, now my life is totally in dark and suffering. It seem myself is a loser and doomed to frustration, humiliation and failure. As I try to imagine the future I see only emptiness or unending problems and anguish.

VISITING DAYS: If you are coming to Thailand and want to visit me please write to me in advance so I can arrange it. Or you can come to the prison and ask the guards to help you visit me.

Visiting days are only on Tuesday and Thursday between 9:30am and 11:30am and in the afternoon between 1:30pm and 2:30pm.
LETTER WRITING: I really would love to get letters and I will do my very best to reply. The cost of stamps is a luxury to people like me but sometimes I am able to get help from the other foreigners if I work hard. So please if you have time, please write to me.

Please write to me if you have free time.
Make sure you include my name and building number: Example: Bangkwang Prison Dan 4 - Mr. Myo Tun Burma. The Thai prison guards will print out and deliver to me. Only write 15 lines at a time because this is the rule. Be respectful to the authorities at all times.

Please let Myo Tun know that you were made aware of his plight through this campaign page.

Do not send care packages to the prison or cash in the mail.
First establish regular contact with the prisoner and then seek their advice on how best to support them.

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