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Families Behind Bars
Stories of injustice, endurance and hope ISBN: 9781742571676

by Kay Danes

This is a powerful book for anyone who is considering travel or working overseas. It follows the heartbreaking journeys of families who's loved ones have been arrested, kidnapped, or simply disappeared. These families never thought such horrific circumstances could ever happen to them.  Travelling or living overseas can be exciting and rewarding, but can also carry potential risks. Each year, thousands of people require consular assistance from overseas missions.

Families Behind Bars is fascinating, terrifying and heart wrenching. It is a poignant wake up call for everyone. It is about the resilience of families who endure despite the odds.

Revised Edition is Available from July 2011.
Little Slave (Paperback)

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Standing Ground
An Imprisoned Couple's Struggle for Justice Against A Communist Regime

By Kay Danes ISBN: 9781741107579 

Standing Ground is the true story of Kay and Kerry Danes, a couple working in a communist state, managing a security company for Jardine Securicor (UK), when they are wrongly arrested and thrown into a stinking Laos prison. Daily torture was inflicted on the couple in an attempt to force them to sign a statement that would enable the Lao authorities to nationalise their client's $2 billion dollar asset.

Kerry and Kay Danes' experiences have borne witness to the injustices of a regime in violation of international law. Separated from their children but having an entire Australian Government fighting for their release, the ordeal of Kerry and Kay Danes is, perhaps most importantly, a unique human saga of love, courage, honour, heroism and the triumph of hope in the face of overwhelming odds.

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Beneath The Pale Blue Burqa
One woman's journey through Taliban Strongholds
by Kay Danes

Beneath The Pale Blue Burqa is an inspiring true story told by one of Australia's best known humanitarians. Kay Danes sheds light on the struggles faced by the Afghan people, particularly women and children.

In November 2008, burying the haunting memories of a hostage ordeal in Laos, in a plight to ease the suffering of Afghan women and children, Kay Danes embarked on a humanitarian aid mission into war-torn Afghanistan. Beneath The Pale Blue Burqa is Kay's incredible story of travelling the ancient silk route through Taliban strongholds in a dusty Toyota Hiace, delivering life changing aid to people devastated by war.

Kay Danes is one of the few internationals that have travelled outside the safe bubble of Kabul. Her readiness to venture outside the accepted boundaries allows us to see the impact on Afghans and a real perspective of post Taliban Afghanistan.

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Once a Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice in the Dock
By Alan Shadrake

When this book was first published in Asia in July 2010, UK journalist Alan Shadrake was arrested and tried, then sentenced to jail—for daring to put the Singapore justice system in the dock. This revised and updated edition covers Shadrake’s arrest, and his ongoing campaign against the death penalty as he prepares for his appeal.

Singapore has one of the highest execution rates per capita in the world. Its government claims that only the death penalty can deter drug dealers from using their country as a transport hub—but this hard-hitting investigation reveals disturbing truths about how and when the death penalty is applied. Including in-depth interviews with Darshan Singh—Singapore’s chief executioner for nearly fifty years—and chilling accounts of high-profile cases, including the execution of Australian Nguyen Van Tuong, this is an horrific exposé of the gross abuse of human rights.

Detainee 002 - The Case of David Hicks Detainee 002
By Leigh Sales

In a remote American military base at Guantanamo Bay, 385 enemy combatants sit waiting for their day in court. Among them is David Hicks, who was detained for five years until the March 2007 hearing where he pleaded guilty to the charge of providing material support for terrorism. Detainee 002 reveals in unprecedented detail how an Australian citizen wound up in the War on Terror.

About the Author
Leigh Sales is the ABC's National Security Correspondent. She visited Guantanamo Bay twice during her recent four-year posting as the network's Washington correspondent. In 2005, she won a prestigious Walkley Award for her coverage of the Guantanamo military commissions and was nominated again in 2006 for her reporting of Hurricane Katrina.

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 The Last Executioner The Last Executioner

Chavoret Jaruboon was personally responsible for executing 55 prison inmates in Thailand’s infamous prisons. As a boy, he wanted to be a teacher like his father, but his life changed when he chose one of the hardest jobs in the world. Honest and often disturbing – but told with surprising humour and emotion – The Last Executioner is the remarkable story of a man who chose death as his vocation. The Last Executioner is not for the faint hearted. It takes you right behind the bars of the infamous ‘Bangkok Hilton’ and into the shadows of its grim death chambers.

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Sins of the Father
By Eammon Duff

This is the explosive untold story of Schapelle Corby and how she took the rap for her father’s drug syndicate. The result of a three year investigation, Sins of the Father returns to the beginning of Australia’s most famous drug case, to a time when nobody had ever heard the name Schapelle Corby. Finally, the missing pieces of the jigsaw fall into place as we are led, step by step, through the important weeks, days and hours leading up to her dramatic arrest. Shedding new light on her long-held claims of innocence, this is the book Schapelle’s army of supporters do not want you to read.

Eamonn Duff has been a journalist for more than twenty years. As a senior investigative journalist at Fairfax for more than a decade, he has broken many major stories in areas as diverse as sport, crime, politics and national security.

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Hell in Barbados: The True Story of a Man Imprisoned in Paradise (Paperback)
by Terence L. Donaldson (Author)

Hell in Barbados is about Terry's struggle with drug addiction and his incredible journey through foreign lands, where he tempted fate on so many occassions but somehow lived to endure another day. Terry's life was obviously out of control and totally beyond his grasp. He finally ended up in a prison in the Caribbean 'Hell in Barbados'. But this isn't another prison story or another drug mule operation gone wrong, despite the fact that Terry spent 3 harrowing years in Glendairy Prison which succumbed to a full scale riot, burnt to the ground with Terry in it and the events that followed sparked a Royal Commission which continues today. This story shows warts and all how one person can oneday have everything to live for and then the next day have nothing at all.

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by Stanley 'Tookie' Williams

Tookie Williams was executed on 13 December 2005 inside San Quentin Prison in Los Angeles. The execution provoked international outrage as Williams had campaigned tirelessly against gang culture earning him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. International stars including Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx had also petitioned the authorities for clemency to no avail.

Williams co-founded the LA street gang, the Crips, and was reputed to be the most feared man on the streets of Los Angeles until imprisoned for the murder of four people in 1981. In his biography, Williams decries his own bloody legacy and warns about the dangers of joining street gangs and gun culture. He was sentenced to death by injection with a lethal mixture of drugs.

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One Way  Ticket
by Madonna King and Cindy Wockner

On 17 April 2005, nine young Australians were arrested in Bali on charges of trafficking heroin. Four of the group — Renae Lawrence, Martin Stephens, Scott Rush and Michael Czugaj — were caught with the drugs taped to their bodies. Two others, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, were alleged to be the ringleaders of the operation. And a final three — Si Yi Chen, Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen and Matthew Norman — were also scooped up as the final element in the Bali 9, as the group came to be known.

One-way Ticket: The Untold Story of the Bali 9 is a compelling, clear-eyed portrait of an unforgettable chapter in Australia's history. It also serves as a chilling warning to all parents: this could be your child, too.

ISBN: 0732283469;

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Welcome to Hell
By Colin Martin

This gripping book chronicles an innocent man’s struggle to survive inside the Bangkok Hilton, one of the world’s most dangerous prisons.

Honest and often disturbing – but told with a surprising humour – Welcome to Hell is the remarkable story of how Colin was denied justice again and again. In this extraordinary account he describes the swindle, his arrest and vicious torture by police, the unfair trial, and the 8 years of brutality and squalor he was forced to endure.

'Reads like an unputdownable work of fiction...' - Kieran Meeke, Metro

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You'll Never Walk Alone
By Debbie Singh

Debbie Singh's life fell apart when she received a letter from her brother out of the blue. He had been sentenced to ten years in Klong Prem prison, the notorious 'Bangkok Hilton', for fencing a $1,000 cheque. 

You'll Never Walk Alone tells the story of Singh's great determination and strength in the face of adversity, the rollercoaster ride of emotions she had to face in the six year struggle to save her brother, her ongoing charity work, and the heartbreak she felt as her life was torn apart by a bitter twist in the tale.

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  • Heroin
    A true story of drug addiction, hope and triumph

    Julie O'Toole interviewed on Australia's Gold FM.
    Heroin is the moving story of a young Irishwoman’s emergence from the depths of drug addiction. Julie O'Toole's brutally honest memoir details how she spent months living on the streets of Dublin; dealing drugs and stealing to feed her habit, before her life was saved by a chance encounter with a drugs counsellor. With honesty and insight, Julie tells of the horror and degradation that come with life as a drug addict, and reveals the extraordinary strength of will that enabled her to conquer heroin. Heroin is available from 25 November 2005.

    'A shocking account of inner city life and addiction' - The Star

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    Damage Done
    By Warren Fellows

    Warren Fellows spent 12 years inside some of Thailands most horrific prisons suffering the most inhumane treatment possible from the hands of brutal guards.

    Warren survived the experience and was eventually returned to Australia a stranger in a strange land. The world had changed much since Warren last saw it.

    Warrens story is one of courage and survival.

    There have been two publications by Warren since his release. One entitled 'The Damage Done', and the other '4000 Days'.

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