Paul Watkins
Dear FPSS,
I am writing this letter today to humbly ask that you please consider me for inclusion in your program. I was made aware of your program and your efforts just a couple of days ago and now I am writing to you today with the hope that I will be finding friendships.

I know that friendships change lives and I know that friendships can totally change my life, if not my situation, and I am wanting, seeking and needing this change more than anything in the world.

Paul Watkins

Mr. Paul Watkins
San Quentin Prison
San Quentin CA 94964

My name is Paul Watkins and I am currently incarcerated here at San Quentin where I have been for almost twenty years. I am a death row prisoner and to say the least, the situation is not a very pleasant one, as you might imagine.

For the majority of my years here, I have spent my time with absolutely no friends. Inside of this prison or outside of it I am unable to communicate with anyone on a friendship or social level. This may have only made my bad situation worse as there has been nothing or no one for me to turn to that would allow me to see things aside from the unfortunate reality that I must face each day. I am now actually trying to change and improve my situation and I know that I will be able to find this change with true friendship.

If this is something that you feel you are willing to provide me, I hope that you will. Please write to me soon so that we can allow our true, wonderful and everlasting friendship to begin. I want to sincerely thank you for your time as well as your friendship.

Paul Watkins
March 08

Angel M. Medrano,
Arizona State Prison-Eyman
Unit - SMU-II
Florence, Arizona
85232 USA

My name is Angel M. Medrano and I'm currently incarcerated in Arizona. This is my first time having been incarcerated and it has been a complicated experience as well as a long story. I'm writing in a desperate attempt to receive some communication from the outside world. My community ties are virtually nonexistent and I'm without the support of family. I am not looking for anyone in particular to write to, just anyone who would be interested and has a few moments to spare in writing a letter once in awhile.

I have found it extremely difficult to make new friends in here. It gets pretty lonesome in here and I believe that the company by way of correspondence could change a lot of that.

If you decide you'd like to write, please feel free to ask anything your curiosity creates and talk about what ever you'd like. I'll answer your questions to the utmost, or as best I can. If you decide not to write, I can understand, but could you please pass this letter around unto others in hopes that other people might like to write. I would certainly appreciate it. Any help you could afford in my plight to receive some communication and mail would also be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time in reading this letter. God Bless you and please make each day a Golden Day!


Angel M.Medrano
April 2008

Also included in his letter to FPSS was this attachment:

I share with you this letter from prison. I have put my spirit into this for all who may be walking the wrong road to life. My reason for writing this is quite simple. I want to help those who think its, Cool to be a fool." I want them to realize that being in places such as this is not some think it to be. I want people to KNOW what prison is all about. The following are my true and personal feelings about life in prison...

*Prison is a place where you exchange the dignity of your name for the degradation of a number...

*Prison is a place where you live from visit to visit-if you are lucky enough to have someone come visit you...

*Prison is a place where you learn the countings of life: you count the years; the reasons; months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds as life passes you by...

*Prison is a place where you hope and pray not to die...

*Prison is a place where you are lucky if you never have to kill some fool for whatever the reason...

*Prison is a place where therapy and religion are not looked upon as beneficial in a parole Board Report...

*Prison is a place where the freedom of the world can bring tears of remembrance to the meanest of killers...

*Prison is a place where the convict's wages don't increase, but the canteen prices rise to the sky...

*Prison is a place where the ingenuity of your creativity and inventiveness can be raised to the surface, if your eyes are open...

*Prison is a place where you can become mentally crippled, because the responsibilities are all taken from you...

*Prison is a place where your wealth is determined by how many boxes of smokes you own...

*Prison is a place where you can clearly hear the echoes of family and friends saying--"We told you S-o-o-o-o-o...

"So don't come to prison my brothers and sisters, for life here has no meaning...

Eugene Tucker
Arizona State Prison-Eyman
Unit - SMU-II
Florence, Arizona
85232 USA

My name is Eugene Tucker and I am currently incarcerated in Arizona. This is my first time having been incarcerated and it has been a complicated experience as well as a long story as to how I ended up here on death row. Like everyone else in this prison, I too am desperate for some communication with the outside world. My community ties are virtually nonexistent and I'm without the support of family.

I am not looking for anyone in particular to write to, just anyone who wouldn't mind writing a letter to me once in a while. I'm happy to tell you my story once we establish regular contact and if you decide not to write, I can understand, but could_ you please pass' this letter around unto others in hopes that other people might like to write. I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you for your time in reading this letter. God bless you and everyone you know.

Eugene Tucker
April 2008

Larry Rush
#AM 2728
SCI Greene
175 Progress Dr
PA 15370 - 8090

A man who has nothing left in this world still may know bliss, be it only for a brief moment, in the contemplation of his beloved friend. In a position of utter desolation, when man cannot express himself in positive action, when his only achievement may consist in enduring his sufferings in the right way - an honorable way - in such a position man can, through thoughtful contemplation of his new found beloved friend, achieve fulfillment.

My name is Larry "Snoop Dogg" Rush, aka, Leroy Thomas, and I'm a 48-year old African/Indian American fighting-to-prove-my-innocent Death Row Prisoner. An individualist, critical, analytical, organic-intellectual. A writer, poet, philosopher, visionary, avid chess-player, and prisoners litigator, that possesses a self-taught critical acumen, which I employ in the struggle for the freedom of both myself and other unjustly incarcerated prisoners.

I'm honest, caring, and understanding; seeking not only a pen pal, But most importantly, a friend whom I can mentally travel with upon a thousand miles of uncharted territory. Please understand that I'm not just speaking of just any kind of friendship. The friendship I'm speaking of is the only thing (besides love, nothing intended) one cannot give too much of. The friendship I'm speaking of is genuine with a firmness and discipline of its own for which there can be no substitute; it can never harm, inhibit, or spoil; it can only benefit - Mentally!!!

If I hear from you, I will tell you of my ideals/ideas, concepts, the overall primordial function that makes me who I am. If I don't hear from you, remember: don't be the jug and cold water that pour upon yourself - smell the flowers, take in sane sun, dance with the wind, and live.

Further Reading…

It is easy for a person to cry out for revenge until they themselves has to promenade in the shoes of the one being punished. My podium is a small, concrete, double-barred, narrow, concealed window cell. I am buried alive. Literally! I claw against the walls of my coffin until my nails bleed. In the darkness my moans are no longer controllable and, in the breach of security, I'm forced to listen to my cries and its echoes. The effects are psychologically dismantling. Whatever pillar of strength you manage to smuggle inside the walls and confines of Death Row will inevitably crumble. Then you realize what a hot commodity sanity has become. It's scarce and infrequent. I personally watched sanity divorce its reasoner. Only to have a man I befriended stare at me blankly without recognition. As if the fire of his very essence had been extinguished. My God! The need for fellowship is a necessity - a Bible, Koran, a book on philosophy, novel, (F/NF) newspaper, magazine, radio, T.V., a lovely card, a letter, a phone conversation, or a visit from a family or friend can mean the different between the life and death of a person's inner spirit; it's survival of the personal self.

Whatever judicial vehicle used to transport you here, whether it was an innocent wrongfully convicted, or the guilty pleading to such, the Death Penalty and its housing "Pods" are unconscionable horrific. It's remarkable in the extreme. Your arrival will result in your disconnection from anything vital. Intimate relationship with family and loved ones will become inconsiderable. Visitations are privileged and impersonal. You'll starve for intellectual stimulation and contract the disease diagnosed as "Physical deterioration".

I suffer from frequent episodes of claustrophobia. I am suffocating in here. I don't want to be killed. Tell death to quit lying in wait for me! It's willfully and deliberately premeditating to end my Life. It's waiting and wishing that I exhaust all of my appeals so it could appear at my cell door with a death warrant from the governor. I close my eyes and hope that if I don't see its face, maybe it'll leave me alone. Not too many people walk away from Death Row. It's adamant in its slaughter. But still my belongings are neatly packed away. Somehow I will escape its clutches! I'm one appeal away from exoneration. If one day you see me and I'm still in shackles, I beg of you, let me be. Do not interfere in what you do not understand. What if they forget to uncuff me? Maybe they left them on to use me as a deterrent to those around me? The anguish and torment this place has inflicted upon me is indelible. I'm incessantly handcuffed to its tragedies and un-riddable memories of the executions and those executed and how close I came to being liquidated. If indeed I am truly spared.


Keith Gavin
Holman Unit O-16A
Atmore, Alabama

I am Keith Gavin and I am an African American who sits here an innocent man on death row in the state of Alabama. I was born March 30, 1965. I happy to discuss my situation with you if you would like to write to me. I like writing, reading ancient history books and interested in world affairs. I am 150 pounds, stand 5foot nine inches tall and I am a grand master at Chess. I work out daily to stay fit and healthy. I am looking for a pen friend who is supportive and understanding. If you would like to write please do. Sorry that I do not have a photo to send at this time.

Keith Gavin
June 2008

Albert Reid
#DU 1376
175 Progress Dr
Waynesburg PA 15370

Dear FPSS,
I am a citizen of Jamaica with no family in the United States. I am on Death row and I am a Christian. I have been hoping to fight the case to which I have been convicted but all my property has been confiscated by the authorities and I desperately need a lawyer to appeal my case or I will die. I am sorry but I do not have a job or any money to pay for a lawyer but perhaps someone, anyone, will find it in their heart to assist me. I want to live. Please help me!

Albert Reid
April 2008

Steve Champion
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin
CA 94974

My name is Steve Champion (now Adisa Akanni Kamaca). I am on death row in san Quentin State Prison. I am a former 'Crip' gang member who grew up in South Central Los Angeles. I have been incarcerated for over 27 years. I am self taught and conversant in African history, philosophy, political science and comparative religion.

As an author, I have received honourary mention in short fiction category in the 1995 Pen Prison Writing Contest and in 2004 won first place in non fiction for my essay "his Spirit Lives On: George E Marshall" I am coauthored of Afterlife, a death row anthology published in 2003, and I have poetry featured in the book Voices from the Inside. I am currently working on a memoir comprised of essays, some of which have already been published, for example, in the online journal (2006) and in Maxim Magazine (2005). My memorial poem for Stan 'Tookie' Williams, 'My Brother is Gone" was published early in 2006 on and in other venues. My latest book, 'the sacred eye of the falcon' was published in 2007 and can be purchased at

What I seek is an intimate and soulful connection. I am not interestest in superficiality nor ephemeral acquaintance, but rather the deep and secretive things that ebb and flow in our interior world we allow so few to enter. If you are interested in an unedited and uncensored conversation and wish to learn more about me and are prepared to be loyal to our communication I can be reached at the address above. Thank you!

Cliff Bolden
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin
CA 94974

I am a prisoner currently here at east block unit on San Quentin's death row. I am writing to request to have my name and generalities posted on FPSS's pen pal program. Thank you. I am old school militant whose theoretical views or reflections is still contant in the actuality of achieving something better. Like in our current society the repressive hierarchies of state capitalism create people who are mere shells of what they really could be; stunting them in every way. So much so that we are then taught to blame ourselves for almost every situation, rather than to look at or to question the institutional root of the problems. In sync with all this, is a daily life here enriched with morning exercise and meditation. We also have a yard class educational group in which issues of cultural history, philosophy and politics are given indepeth reviews. My zodiac sign is Virgo and I seek mutual respect with individuals who can envision a world without a centralised force suppressing a people's initiative in the interest of a small minority.

Cliff Bolden
March 2008

Craig Newton
Holman Unit - 37
3700 Cell H-1-1A
Atmore, Alabama

My name is Craig Newton and I was born May 23, 1976. I enjoy writing and receiving long exciting, joyful letters. I would like to communicate with someone who has an open mind and will not judge me here on death row. I love listening to music, poems, songs and lifting weights. I like to keep fit. I have four sisters and one brother, 2 neices and 1 nephew. I've been on death row now for two years and I really need somone to be my eyes to the world because I feel so cut off from everything and everyone. I need someone to share their view of the world with me and the way they feel about things. Someone who isn't afraid to be themselves regardless of what other people might think of them. Someone who can freely express themselves. I also enjoy meditating on life and life's difficulties, joys etc… so if you find you might have something in common with me please write. I could really use a friend.

Charles Riel
Box E-00100
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin,
CA 94974

Hi. I am 46 years old, 6ft tall and 190 pounds. I love reading, painting and would appreciate any communication from people on the outide. I have been on death row now for 20 long years [come October 16th 2008]. I have no family or friends here. I lost all friends years ago and I really feel quite alone. I'll write to anyone who will write to me. I really need a friend.

Charles Riel

Timothy Jason Jones
Timothy Jason Jones
Holman 3700
Atmore, AL 36503
United States

Jason is currently incarcerated on Death Row in Alabama. He needs legal assistance. Jason's lawyer, who was assigned by the State of Alabama, did not respond to phone calls, letters and emails requesting the transcript of Jason's trial. Jason was not even informed by his attorney of the Oral Arguments of his case or his first appeal with the Criminal Court of Appeals. To say the least, his lawyer has been uncooperative.

Jason is currently seeking assistance from the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama, USA.

Jason was born in 1975. He is an attractive and polite young man who has interests in travel, music, and communicating with penpals.

Death Row is a lonely place and this man has few friends on the outside. Penpals would be appreciated.

Billy Ray Riggs
Billy Ray Riggs
P.O. Box J-41800
San Quentin Prison
San Quentin, C.A. 94974


Incarcerated single, male, unjustly convicted, currently on death row! But while liberation by legal means, is only one of my main objectives. I do have other interest and goals! Until my innocence is actually proven by way of appeal. I remain confined here at San Quentin. WHAT I'M SEEKING IS "CORRESPONDENCE & VISITS" FOR THE SAKE OF FRIENDSHIP

Someone who's sincere, compassionate, and able to empathize with my adverse situation, in terms of, moral support etc., Historical literature, poetry, art-work, classical music, are just some of the objects of my interest, and my willingness to learn more. I am not afraid to share or edxpress my sensitivity & emotions. Will write to anyone. If you are not able to assist me in my request for someone to correspond with, maybe you know of someone else, an organization, agency or group, who may be acquiescent towards my unfortunate circumstance. Please! Feel free to forward this information to them on my behalf or send me their address. Thank you very much, with sincere appreciation for sparing a few moments of your time.

Kenneth Foster Jr.
Kenneth Foster Jr.
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350
South Livingston, TX 77351

In the journey of life, one thing I can say we all search for is a genuine Friendship. No matter of race, gender, or incarceration, we all would like to share Dreams and hopes with someone. I'm a young black male (22) on death row looking for that Genuine companion. Do not think that I just have Visions, because I'm on death row, I have Visions because there are Visions to be seen.

My name is Kenneth Foster Jr. Through all of the writing I've done, one thing I KNOW one must do in their writing is to be Honest and Sincere. Even from the good to the bad, we all as people must be open and understanding to each others needs, feelings and experiences. I know I have plenty of those to share and express with a TRUE, up front person with GOOD intentions and thoughts. I do also invite those interested in seeking to help in Legal Matters. I am very much involved in the fighting of my case and I can best sum up things by saying this:

THE CRY OF THE POOR IS NOT ALWAYS JUST, BUT IF YOU DON'T LISTEN TO IT, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT JUSTICE IS!! So, I send this small extension of a greeting in hope of a pen friend to correspond with this original young man. During my time of Trials and Tribulations, I know help will come in many forms. Some Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. I welcome any and all forms. PEACE AND GOD BLESS

Jermont Cox
Jermont Cox
P.O. Box 244
Graterford, PA 19426

Dear friend, how are you today? Fine I do hope. I am not so well because I have not heard from you. I stand at the door every day waiting for your letter and the mailman just passes me by. Friend just in case you forgot. I am 29 years of age. D.O.B. 4-29-71. 6'0", brown eyes, weight 185 1/2. I enjoy dancing and music, more than anything in this world. I was born dancing. :) I also enjoy reading all type of books as long as it's interesting. I am a prose poetry writer. I love life and meeting new people, exchanging ideas, lifes ups and downs... All I want to do is be your friend... nothing more. Well I am going to go back and wait for your letter. I hope the mailman stops this time. Bye bye... Sweet dreams... Peace and love~


John Cole Jr.
John Cole Jr.
#B26302 CU218
P.O. Box 711
Menard, Ill 62259

My name is John Cole Jr., white, 27, 6'1", 240 lb. I come to you from Illinois death row. A place of the many innocent. There is currently a moratorium on all executions, because so many of us have been falsely convicted!!

Every innocent man had some form of assistance from kind hearted, free people. I have been falsely convicted, now I ask for your help. Be it through legal interests or by simply being a friend, a pen pal.... I'm placing this page to reach out for someone like you, who may find in your heart and soul the loving kindness, understanding, to touch a lonely soul on the row, where life has become filled with a empty space and dark silence, mainly because here in Illinois, justice has become just a roll of the dice.

I like reading novels, oil painting, old movies, poetry, weight lifting and now, studying the law! I'm looking for a very strong, independent, open-minded, non-judgmental, sincere, caring person who is passionate about life and feel they can be a genuine friend. So, if you feel our can help in some way, please contact me. Thank you in advance for our human compassion.


John Cole Jr.

Nelson Nevarez 27430-077

This inmate would like to be listed on native site he needs a pen pal.

federal prison, 1000, cumberland md 21501 usa

Male USA Death Row addresses
Holman Facility
PO Box 3700
Atmore, ALABAMA 36503-0037
(phone: 334-368-8383)

William Donaldson Correctional Facility
100 Warrior Lane
Bessemer, ALABAMA 35023-7299
(phone: 706-232-4053)

Arizona State Prison-
Eyman SMU-II Box 3400
Florence, ARIZONA 85232-3400
(visits: phone-(visitation)-520-868-8520 -- fax-520-868-8541)

Arkansas State Prison
Maximum Security Unit
2501 State Farm Road
Tucker, ARKANSAS 72168-9503
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San Quentin, CALIFORNIA 94974
(phone: 415-454-1460)

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PO Box 600
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PO Box 665
Somers, CONNECTICUT 06071
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Delaware Correctional Center
P.O. Box 500
Smyrna, DELAWARE 19977

Sussex Correctional Center
PO Box 500
Georgetown, DELAWARE 19947

Florida State Prison
PO Box 181
Starke, Florida 32091
(phone: 904-964-8125)
(fax: 904-964-9068)

Florida State Prison
7819 N W 228th Street
Raiford, FLORIDA 32026
(phone: 904-431-2000)
(fax: 904-431-2010)

Georgia Diagnostic Facility
PO Box 3877
Jackson, GEORGIA 30233
(phone: 770-504-2000)

Idaho Maximum Security Institution (IMSI)
P.O. Box 14
Boise, IDAHO 83707
(phone: 208-338-1635)

Menard Correctional Center
PO Box 711
Menard, ILLINOIS 62259

Pontiac Correctional Center
PO Box 99
Pontiac, ILLINOIS 61764

Tamms Maximum Security Facility
PO Box 2000
200 East Supermax Road
Tamms, ILLINOIS 62988,

Indiana State Prison
PO Box 41
Michigan City, INDIANA 46361
(phone: 219-874-7258)

Kentucky State Penitentiary
Death Row
PO Box 128
Eddyville, KENTUCKY 42038-0128

Louisiana State Prison
Maximum Security, General Delivery
Angola, LOUISIANA 70712
(phone: 504-655-4411)
(fax: 504-655-2319)

401 E. Madison St.
Baltimore, MARYLAND 21202
(phone: 410-539-5445)

Mississippi State Penitentiary
Unit 32 C Building
Parchman, MISSISSIPPI 38738
(phone: 601-745-6611)

Potosi Correctional Center
Route 2 Box 2222
Mineral Point, MISSOURI 63660
(phone: 573-438-6000)

Montana State Prison
500 Conley Lake Road
Deer Lodge, MONTANA 59722
(phone: 406-846-1320)
(fax: 406-846-2951)

Nebraska State Penitentiary
PO Box 2500
Lincoln, NEBRASKA 68502--0500

Ely State Prison
PO Box 1989
12000 N. Bothwick Road
Ely, NEVADA 89301

Capital Sentence Unit
New Jersey State Prison
PO Box 861
Trenton, NEW JERSEY 08625-0861
(phone: 609-292-9700)

Penitentiary of New Mexico
PO Box 1059
Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO 87504-1059
(phone: 505-827-8200)
(fax: 505-827-8263)

Clinton Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 2000
Dannemora, New York 12929
(phone: 518-492-2511)

Central Prison
1300 Western Blvd.
Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA 27606
(phone: 919-733-0800)

Mansfield Correctional Institute
PO Box 788
Mansfield, OHIO 44901
(phone: 419-525-4455)

Oklahoma State Penitentiary
PO Box 97
McAlester, OKLAHOMA 74502
(phone: 918-423-4700 fax: 918-423-3862)

Oregon State Penitentiary
2605 State Street
Salem, OREGON 97310-0505
(phone: 503-378-2445)
(fax: 503-378-3897)

1040 E Roy Furman Hwy
Waynesburg, PENNSYLVANIA 15370-8090
(phone- 724-852-2902 fax- 724-852-5506)

PO Box 99901
Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA 15233

Drawer R
Huntingdon, PENNSYLVANIA 16652

Box 244
Graterford, PENNSYLVANIA 19426

SCI-Camp Hill
PO Box 200
Camp Hill, PENNSYLVANIA 17001-0200

Lieber Correctional Institute
PO Box 205
Ridgeville, SOUTH CAROLINA 29472

South Dakota State Penitentiary
1600 North Drive, P.O. Box 5911
Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA 57117-0911
(phone: 605-367-5051)

Riverbend Maximum Security Institute
7475 Cockrill Bend Industrial Rd.
Nashville, TENNESSEE 37243-0471

Texas Department of Corrections
Polunsky Unit--Death Row
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TEXAS 77351

Utah State Prison
PO Box 250
Draper, UTAH 84020

Sussex I State Prison
24414 Musselwhite Drive
Waverly, VIRGINIA 23891

Washington State Penitentiary
1313 North 13th Avenue
Walla Walla, WASHINGTON 99362
(phone: 509-525-3610)

Death Row
Box 400
Rawlins, WYOMING 82301

Women USA Death Row addresses
Julia Tutwiler Prison For Women
8966 US Hwy 231 North
Wetumpka, ALABAMA 36092

Arizona State Prison Complex-Perryville
PO Box 3400
Goodyear, ARIZONA 85338

Women's Unit
800 W. 7th St.
Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS 71603-1498

Central California Women's Facility
23370 Road 22
PO Box 1501
Chowchilla, CALIFORNIA 96610-1501

CO. Women's Correctional Facility
PO Box 600
Canon City, COLORADO 81212-0500

Bureau of Prisons
Delores J. Baylor Women's Correctional Institution
660 Baylor Bovl.
Smyrna, DELAWARE 19720

Broward Correctional Institution
PO Box 821210
Pembroke Pines, FLORIDA 33082

PO Box 3877
Jackson, GEORGIA 32033

Pocatello Women's Correctional Center
PO Box 6049
Pocatello, IDAHO 83205
(phone: 208-236-6360)

Dwight Correctional Center
PO Box 5001
Dwight, ILLINOIS 60420-5001

Indiana Women's Prison
401 N. Randolph St.
Indianapolis, INDIANA 46201
(phone: 317-639-2671)

Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women
PO Box 337
PeWee Valley, KENTUCKY 40056

Death Row
Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women
St. Gabriel, LOUISIANA 70776

Maryland Correction Institute
401 E. Madison St.
Baltimore, MARYLAND 21202

Mississippi Correctional Facility
5001 Highway 468
Pearl, MISSISSIPPI 39208-8850

Church Farm
PO Box 3200
Jefferson City, MISSOURI 65102

Montana Women's Prison
701 South 27th
Billings, MONTANA 59722
(phone: 406-247-5100)
(fax: 406-247-5161)

Nebraska Center for Women
PO Box 2500
Lincoln, NEBRASKA 68502-0500

Nevada Women's Correctional Center
PO Box 7007
Carson City, NEVADA 89702

New Jersey State Prison
Trenton, NEW JERSEY 08625-0861
(phone: 609-292-9700)

New Mexico State Prison
PO Box 1059
Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO 87504-1059

North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women
1034 Bragg St.
Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA 27610
(phone: 919-733-4340)

Ohio Reformatory for Women
1479 Collins Ave.
Marysville, OHIO 43040
(phone: 937-642-1065)

Oklahoma Death Row- Women
Mabel Basset Correctional Centre
PO Box 11491
Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA 73126-0491
(phone: 405-425-2900 fax: 405-425-2919)

Oregon Women's Correctinal Center
2809 State Street
Salem, OREGON 97310-0505
(phone: 503-378-2441)
(fax: 503-378-6392)

Pennsylvania State Correctional Institute
PO Box 180

Women's Correctional Center
4450 Broad River Rd.
Columbia, SOUTH CAROLINA 29210
(phone: 803-896-8590)

South Dakota Women's Prison
Solemn Public Safety Center
3200 East highway 34
Pierre, SOUTH DAKOTA 57501-5070
(phone: 605-773-6636)

Tennessee Prison for Women
3881 Stewarts Lane
Nashville, TENNESSEE 37243-0408
(phone: 615-880-7100)

Mountain View Unit (D.R.)
2305 Ransom Road
Gatesville, TEXAS 76528

Utah State Penintentiary
PO Box 250
Draper, UTAH 84020

Virginia Correctional Center for Women
PO Box 288
Waverly, VIRGINIA 23890

Washington State Penitentiary
1313 N. 13th Ave.
Walla Walla, WASHINGTON 99362

Wyoming Women's Center
PO Box 400
Rawlins, WYOMING 82225

(US Military)
Drawer A
310 McPherson Ave.
Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas 66027-1363

(US Government)

United States Penitentiary
Unit D
PO Box 33
Terre Haute, INDIANA 47808
(phone) 812-238-1531

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